The topics of AsiaNANO 2018 will cover all recent hot topics on chemical and physical aspects at a nanoscale, their fabrication and characterization technologies, and those are of strong current interest in nanoscience and nanotechnology, and industrial inventions and products. Fusion nanoscience and nanotechnology fields including bio-nano and info-nano researches will be highlighted, together with post nanoscience and nanotechnology fields in which emergence of novel concepts and approaches toward next generation are expected, etc. Following the tradition of AsiaNANO, the coming conference will also primarily focus on revolutionary approaches and results developed newly in nanochemistry and nanomaterials for the last two years. It covers but not limited to:


1. Atom catalysis and nanocatalysis

2. Nanoscale energy conversion and storage

3. Carbon nanomaterials

4. Advanced 2D materials and applications

5. Nano-bio interface & medical nanoscience & technologies

6. Info-nano science & technologies

7. Nanoscale in-situ characterization

8. Environmental and safety aspects of nanotechnologies

9. Analytical nanoscience & technologies

10. Nano-biomaterials and nano-biomedical engineering

Other chemical/physical aspects at a nanoscale